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I was hospitalized

I was hospitalized due to food poisoning, it wasn’t on purpose but it just happened.  We were under our camping trip (Kool Adventure Camp) through YMA-3 and we were on the 2nd day of the 3-Day adventure. Our Camp Number was Camp188 and out of all the previous camps we were the first ones to experience this.

Hospital stuff

Hospital stuff

During our crazy day we were doing obstacle courses when my campmates started to feel the effects but for some reason I was the last one to get hit or feel its effects and out of all of the campers I was the one hospitalized for 2 days and a half. But anyways there is always a brighter side of things; it was the first time to get dextrosed and hospitalized since my dengue and surgery when I was little; and did I mention that hospital food is awesome? BTW I was admitted at Perpetual Succour Hospital

Always see the Hand Behind the event..I have yet to figure that out but overall it gave me time to reflect, rest and rejuvinate physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Special thanks to my campmates who helped me out during thjis ordeal..