My Star Trek (2009) Review

The action is non-stop, the story line is very strong, the effects are awesome and of course there is also the “sub-plot” of the prequel factor – that let’s you know how the main cast members first met and grew together as a team.

A special mention should go to the Director (J.J. Abrams) for both the way the film moves along – and for the superb casting of Zachary Quinto as Spock, Simon Pegg as Scottie and Eric Bana as Nero was a masterstroke (It took awhile for me to recognize him) … the rest of the main characters are also strongly cast and are young – suggesting that this team could be together in a series of films that could run and run … sequel anyone?

This has certainly breathed new life into this already epic story. nice effects, soundtrack and storyline.. This was a terrific movie – if you liked any of the Star Trek franchise (T.V or movies) then you’ll absolutely love this.

Although there are a few elements that parents with young children and younger teens might want to know before making a decision on this movie

Live long,  and Good Luck!


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