Parent Rant 2

What a stressful week….nastress ko tungud kay para lang ma satisfied akong dad. Mukuyug kung asa cya gusto muad2 bsan diko ganahan.

I try to distract him with multiple shifting topics para lang dili cya mag In-OA ug masuko….Honestly by today…I’m pissed and exhausted on trying to please him and make him comfortable? I want to go WILD…!!!!!


This is the first time na gusto nagyud nko cya mubalik sa saudi just so I can have a peace of mind!!!!!!!!!!!

He speaks as if he is very knowledgeable and WISE!!!!!! RAWR! HE THINKS HE IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

SpENDING A DAY with him stressed me far more than my thesis subjects back in college combined!!!!!



4 responses to “Parent Rant 2

  1. gimingaw ra na nimo bai 🙂

  2. Sabta nalang na… Aw kabaw ko lisod sabton pero makalimot ra ka ana. Ayaw sige huna-huna.

  3. hahaha.. buing man ka oi.. he’s ur dad….u got no choice

  4. hahah! nalingaw ko nimo da.. abi nakog bootan ka na bata.. hahahah :P:P:P

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