I just need to get this out of my chest….I REALLY HATE MY DAD’S BEHAVIOR SOMETIMES or most of the times when it arises.

I hate the ignorance, the pride and insensitivity. I mean he went crazy and burst with rage for a measly thing. HE SHOUTED at my sister to move out of the way kay “Naay tao muagi” , “HOY!!” he said. I mean he could have just said…pssst nay tao in a lower tone of voice. And to add insult to injury…he even shouted and complain that you should not take pictures with a dark background…it’s not right!!! he said.

Geez, it was night and my sister was just trying to enjoy the moment since she just GRADUATED!!!! WTH is wrong wif my DAD….he is just an insensitive idiot at times and he doesn’t even know how to operate the DIGITAL CAMERA!! and he dare says “PAGTUON KUNO MOG PHOTOGRAPHY!!”

tsk3 I really hope I don’t inherit or copy he’s stupid behavior when I become a parent. I really hope I won’t become him.



3 responses to “PARENT RANT

  1. Wooowh! He is almost like my Dad!He wanted everything to be perfect and trying to be perfect even if he’s not. He always look for our mistakes and doesn’t even recognize our efforts. No recognitions!No rewards!No little appreciations to our achievements! But, He is still our Dad.
    I guess, he is lyk dat because he was not there as we grew up! He was working as a seaman. I even remember when I was still a little child,there was one time when He went back home I felt ashamed because I was not able to recognized him and it took few days to be comfortable with my Dad.

  2. “tsk3 I really hope I don’t inherit or copy he’s stupid behavior when I become a parent.”

    maparent jud diay ka kuya engr. iggy? weeeeeeeeeeeeeee….hihihi…

    well as for me..i was away with my dad for 19 years now..hehe..and if magkita mi kay awkward’s like i don’t know him..murag same kay kristan…hehe..but, he is still my dad so i have to live with it…

    same to you…whatever your dad may be, he is still your father..and you can’t do anything bout it..maybe if you have the guts, tell your father NOT to act like that..tell him how you feel towards him..maybe he’ll soon be able to realize his mistakes..tell him in a well-mannered tone of voice..:)

  3. its sad noh? when you wanna confront ur parents about a certain mistake they have they make seem like its our fault in the end?

    After all, they cant be corrected, they are our “parents”

    but on the other hand we will just have to understand them since maybe they are stressed at something and we end up being the channel for their stress.

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